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AT 21

Tip or Tilt scanning mirror

Tip or Tilt scanning mirror АТ21 is intended to control laser beam direction over alone plane and can be used for scanning and steering.

Mirror AT21 can be used:

  • in laser technology machines for engraving, annealing, marking, cutting, welding etc...,
  • in laser beam communication systems for to stabilize laser beam over large distances,
  • in adaptive optics systems for tip and tilt distortions compensation,
  • in scanning and display devices.

AT21 mirror

AT21 mirror




Items, units Norma
Clear aperture, mm, 4
Operating Wavelength, µm 0,35*
Coating Reflectance at Operating Wavelength and angle of incidence 120, %, no less 90*
Maximum scanning optical angle, arcminutes ±15
Resonance frequency, kHz, no less 2
Reflecting surface shape plane
Tolerated departure of real surface shape from specified, interference fringes at = 0,63µm, no more 1
Sensitivity, arcminutes/V, no less 0.1
Control voltages range, V -250...+250
Electric Capacitance, nF, no more 2
Resistance, M, no less 10
Electromechanical quality factor, no more 10
Static hysteresis, %, no more 20
Specified lifetime, full range deformation cycles 4109
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 15х19
Weight, g, no more 10
Note: * - to be clarified under the order.

Outline drawing

Габаритный чертеж AT21

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