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AT 22

Deformable mirror

The device for improvement of quality of optical laser systems by their dynamic adjustment on a minimum of optical distortions (focus), including atmospheric turbulence, thermal distortions etc. in a mode of real time.

Areas of application: laser processing of materials by industrial technological lasers, optics of the high sanction etc.

Is intended for use in optical laser systems with capacity up to 1 kw and provides the increased deformations of a reflecting surface.

  • High quality and reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • Small electromechanical hysteresis
  • Wide area of frequencies
  • Simplicity of operation, management and service
  • Opportunity of computer and manual control

ATT22 mirror

AT22 miror

Dimensions of the mirror

Dimensional drawing of the mirror




Material Molibden
Reflective coating Cu, Au, another on demand of the customer
Protective coating Al2O3, another on demand of the customer
Light aperture diameter 42 mm
Number of control channels 1, on demand of the customer can be increased
Control voltage -200 ... +300 V
Sensitivity, no less, microns/kV 50 with 1 control channel
Capacity of falling radiation, no more, kw 1
Dimensions See the dimensional drawing
Weight, no more, kg 0,065
The interferogram of surface of a mirror AT22 at voltage +20 V.

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