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AT 38

Electronic control unit.

The unit intended to control multychannel devices exhibiting capacitive or inductive reactance of the actuators.

The unit is used to control multychannel deformable mirrors and can be used in other devices containing piezoelectric or electromagnet actuators.

Provides independent computer or manual control of several channels or devices in static or dynamic modes.

  • High quality and reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Wide frequency area
  • Static and dynamic control
  • Independent control on channels
  • Simple management and service
  • Optimum design
  • Flexible program algorithm of control

AT38 unit

Fig. 1, Control unit AT38, front view

AT38 unit

Fig. 2, Control unit AT38, rear view

AT38 unit

Fig. 3, Control unit AT38, side view


The control unit based on modular principle and allowing to vary number of channels from 1 up to 32. Number of channels can be expanded by the connecting of several control units. The channel amplifiers can be added on demand of the customer.

Control unit AT38 Control unit AT38
The motherboard with boards of channel amplifiers of AT38 control unit The board of channel amplifier

The control program works under Windows 95/98 and allows to establish a voltage of each channel manually, to write values to a file or read voltage from a file created by other interface program, for example, wavefront sensor.

The control program interface.
Pulse output voltage shape under load on capacitance of 200 nF.
Sawtooth output voltage shape under load on capacitance of 200 nF.
Sinusoid output voltage shape under load on capacitance of 200 nF.


Table 1.

Range of control voltage, V -300...+300
Step of output voltage, V 1
Accuracy of output voltage, V, no less ± 0.5
Range of frequencies, Hz 0...200 under loading CL=300 nF.
Number of control channels 1...32
PC interface RS-232, LPT, USB
Weight, kg see table 2
Dimensions, mm see table 2
Power supply 220 V/50 Hz
Power consumption 50 W

Table 2

Enclosure type Control channel quantity Dimensions, mm Appearance Weight, kg, no more
A 1-4 236x140x320   3
B 5-8 340x148x320 Fig. 1 6
C 9-32* 495x140x320 Fig. 2,3 8
D 9 and more It is arranged on the basis of 8-channel modules of enclosure B. Configuration and dimensions are performed according the customer requirement.

* For friequecies up to 100 Hz.


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