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Night vision systems

For marine applications:

  • SEA LYNX Laser night vision locator Best choice professional quality state-of-the-art navigation/TV system. Combined modern engineering achievements and know-how. Indispensable equipment for coast guard, fishing, safe navigation and observation at night, snowstorm, for, rain, and other special applications;
  • LSV-W Underwater Vision System. Professional system for submarines, underwater systems, mineral exploration, underwater inspection, search for sink ships, fishery, scientific applications;
  • LYNX-10M-01 High technology state of the art high resolution light intensification device. Second generation image intensifier inside. Great for boating, wildlife observation, camping and property protection. Indispensable equipment for Police, Coast Guards, Security, Detectives, Hunters, Yachtsmen;

Others devices:

  • LYNX-1 best 1+ gen. night vision pocketscope; small size, light weight;
  • LYNX 121 TV 2+ gen. TV night vision camera for car, helicopter, security, video typing, etc. and LYNX 121 2+ gen. night vision scope;
  • LYNX-21 2+ or 3-d generation night vision pocketscope.
  • NORD LYNX 2 gen. state-of-the-art professional night vision TV system for car, truck, mining industry, etc.


Adaptive optics

TURN Ltd. is one of a few firms in the Optical and Laser Community who offer a novel, most advanced and promising high-technology product - technique providing a real-time control over the wavefront of optical radiation.

Deformable mirrors:

  • AT 21 Tip or Tilt scanning mirror;
  • AT 22 Non-cooled single channel deformable mirror for low power (no more than 1 kW) applications;
  • AT 24 Cooled single channel deformable mirror for middle-power (no more than 10 kW) applications;
  • AT 26 Multichannel deformable mirror for low power information and image optical systems;
  • AT 27 Cylindrical deformable mirror for dynamic correction of wave front and duration of femtosecond laser pulses.

Control units:

  • AT 38 Electronic unit for deformable mirrors controlling.

Others devices:

  • AT41 Mirror Module


Ultrasonic devices

  • Level-3G Liquefied gases level measurer.



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