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SEA LYNX - night vision television system, which was specially designed for operation, both on sea and river ships.

SEA LYNX essentially facilitates supervision in night time behind conditions around of a ship, on which it is established and by that to increase safety driving of ship in night conditions, is especial at passage of a ship in bottlenecks and near to coast.

The basic task of system SEA LYNX - to help the navigators in night time to avoid dangerous collisions of a ship with extraneous objects on a surface of water, which can meet at the rate of a ship and to become the reason of damage or even destructions.

With the help of system SEA LYNX can be found out and the objects of the small sizes are identified which sometimes cannot be seen on the locator screen, such as small stones acting above water, small woods and floating pieces of ice, small boats made from fiber glass or other materials, and also rescue boats or people which are taking place in water.

SEA LYNX can with success be maintained:

  • On high-speed ships;
  • On ships which are not concerning to high-speed;
  • By the boundary ships;
  • On search and rescue ships;
  • For the control of water areas of sea and river ports;
  • Not only on the river and sea, but also on land.

The basic information.

SEA LYNX is a system containing four basic devices:

  • The electron-optical block,
  • The rotary device,
  • The control board
  • And television monitor.

SEA LYNX device

The electron-optical block of the device SEA LYNX on the rotary device

The control board and monitor

The control board and monitor

Control panel

Appearance of the control panel


The electron-optical block is a basic part of system.

It creates the image of the subjects, very poorly covered in the night which are taking place in a field of sight of system, repeatedly strengthens brightness of the received image and in the form of a television signal passes the received image to the television monitor.

The electron-optical block works in a range of lengths of waves from 400 nm up to 950 nm.

The rotary device carries out rotation established and fixed on him of the electron-optical block around of two axes - vertical horizontal.

The electron-optical block and rotary device are established outside of a ship, so that the optical axis of system was parallel a diametrical plane of a ship.

The control board is intended for management of system SEA LYNX from a workplace of the navigator.

The television monitor reproduces black-and-white or other monochrome image created by the electron-optical block.

Distinctive features SEA LYNX:

  • Three modes of operations of system: passive, active and active - pulse.
  • Opportunity to continue job in conditions of complete absence of natural night light exposure is provided with an active mode.
  • The opportunity to continue job at presence of a fog, snow or rain, is provided with an active - pulse mode.
  • Definition of distances up to observable object.
  • Does not create handicapes for other systems.
  • High noise safety.
  • Automatic protection against blinding by casual flares of light.
  • Glass cleaner and water-washer presence.
Possibility of different objects and details observation by changing observation mode.



Field of sight, degrees 1) 9° (horizontal) x 6° (vertical)
Resolution, not less than 450 TV lines
Working range of light exposure, lux from 3 up to 1x10-4 lux
Type of target TV-signal CCIR
Length of a wave of radiation of illumination in an active and active - pulse mode. 0,82-0,85 microns
Depth of a zone of vision in an active - pulse mode from 50 up to 350 m
Accuracy of definition of a distance up to object at an active - pulse mode 25 m


Angular speed of turn with the electron-optical block
- Around of a horizontal axis
- Around of a vertical axis
30 degrees/s
30 degrees/s
Corner of turn c by the electron-optical block:
- Around of a horizontal axis
- Around of a vertical axis
Outline drawing electron-optical unit and rotary device.


686 mm overall dimension with water tank
578 mm overall dimension without water tank
800 mm overall turning diameter with water tank
620 mm overall turning diameter without water tank


  • Adjustable brightness of bodies of control
  • Control with the help joystic by the rotary device.
  • Presence of automatic return of the rotary device in an initial condition.
  • Indication of corners of turn of system concerning a diametrical plane of a ship.
  • Control:
      - Inclusion and deenergizing of system
      - Work glass-clener and water washing of a glass
      - Switching modes of operations
      - Factor of amplification of system
      - Depth of a zone of vision
  • Opportunity to build the control board of system in the general control board of a ship.


  • Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast of the image.
  • Individual inclusion and deenergizing of the monitor.
  • Opportunity of replacement on the monitor of the Customer.
Power supply DC from 18 up to 30 V
AC 220 V, 50(60) Hz
The maximal power consumption at complete loading 180 W
all system 686 (width) х 433 (depth) х 458 (height), mm
the electron-optical block 370 (width) x 433 (depth) x 245 (height), mm
the rotary device without water tank 578 (width) x 205 (depth) x 262 (height), mm
the control board 302 (width) x 370 (depth) x 100 (height), mm
the 9" monitor 217 (width) x 260 (depth) x 227 (height), mm
All system 45 kg
the electron-optical block 15 kg
the rotary device 18 kg
the control board 6 kg
the 9" monitor 6 кг
Operation temperature -30... +50°C
Storage temperature -30... +60°C

The notes:
1) The field of sight can change as agreed with the Customer.
2), 3) can change during perfection of system.


Pos. Name Amount
1. Electron-optical block 1
2. Rotary device 1
3. control board 1
4. Black-and-white TV-monitor 1
5. Glass-cleaner 1
6. Glass washing system 1
7. Cable connecting electron-optical block with the control board of system. Length of the cable can vary depending on features of installation of system by the ship. 1

Installation, training and service.

The installation, training and service is carried out by firms having with TURN Ltd the special agreement. If such firms are absent in region, where there is a Customer, such works are carried out by the experts of TURN Ltd.


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