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January, 2001

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"TURN's " Sea Lynx turned about Novaya Zemlia ( New Land) Islands in Arctic

Ice-breaker Vaygach

Ice-breaker "Vaygach"

In January 2001 small expedition of "TURN" Ltd company has made sailing in severe conditions of Arctic Region.

The purpose of expedition was to check applicability of the device "Sea Lynx" for navigation in conditions of polar night. Administrative functions of the expedition was carried out by vice president of the company Mr. Eugenyi Belousov, in the past of the professional seaman, navigator of distant navigation. The technical maintenance was carried out by the chief of laboratory of night devices Alexey Morozov.

The device " Sea Lynx ", supplied with the rotary stage, was placed onboard the atomic powered ice-breaker "Vaygach". The monitor was located near to the helmsman.

The experience of almost monthly sailing has show, that the application of night television system is useless in usual conditions of polar night at powerful ice-breaker ship, what was "Vaigach". The matter is that specific feature of ice-breaker navigation is that a helmsman needs first of all to trace a direction of the ice-hole, which has stayed from pass of the previous vessel. That ice-hole usually is covered with new ice and rather is guessing then seeing. In these conditions there is best of all powerful illuminating equipment of the ice breaker.

Essentially large information may be given with television system at the limited visibility.

Then the beam of projector light came across a wall of a fog giving strong return scattering, and helmsman ceases to see a former ice-hole. The device "Sea Lynx" in these conditions with application active and, especially, active - pulse mode, allows to see on greater distance. However, the frozen ice-hole represents specific object with small contrast, poorly distinct on the screen of the monitor. Besides, the driving of a vessel, peering in the flickering screen of the monitor is psychologically heavy to the helmsman. As a result of expedition the large experimental experience of use of the system in extreme climatic conditions of an icing and frost up to -50°C was received also. Such experience could not be received in laboratory conditions.


Route of expedition




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