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December, 2000

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The delivery of AT26 mirror for the laser termonuclear installation is made.

At the finish of 2000 was produced, tested and transferred to customers the 20-channel deformable mirror АТ26 on glass substrate with enhanced sensitivity (up to 300 microns/kV).

The revival observed in many areas of industrial manufacture in Russia, is appreciable in such traditionally budget areas, as basic researches in area of nuclear synthesis - the key problem for peaceful use of nuclear energy. The increase State Budget expenses for realisation of researches in the given area increases chances of the successful decision of nuclear energy problems in Russia.

In 2000 the joint work of RFNC with "TURN" Ltd company on creation of adaptive optics system for thermal deformation compensation of active medium of the solid-state pulse laser has continued. Such work began in 1996, but due to insufficient financing was suspended.

The given mirror being a part of an adaptive complex, was the first in a series of products that are to develop and produce in TURN Ltd company.



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